Actor and Playwright

I’ve been lucky enough to follow in my wife’s footsteps as an actor and playwright.

Roughly from 2013 to 2022, I was a member of Theater at St. Johns, a company of players working at St. John’s Church on Christopher Street, in Greenwich Village. Out of our dozen productions, about half were works from the rich history of Ridiculous Theatrical Company.

Among my favorites were Fafner in The Ring Gott Farblonget and Drago Rubles in Big Hotel.

I read my own short plays in the online Wine Box Players, led by the lovely Emily Battles, and I continue to participate in a weekly salon led by Mark Erson, formerly the pastor of St. Johns.

At present, my over 130 short plays exist for my own enjoyment, and for that of my other actor friends. At some point, I plan to release them online.